Monday, August 23, 2004

My First PSA

Hey y'all,

Jazz and I  filmed a national public service announcement sponsored by the March of Dimes,for the RSV Awareness Campaign...

Here are some pictures!

Photos by

 Alan B. Chebot
Executive Producer/Director
Parallax Productions, Inc

Monday, August 16, 2004


Hey cuzzinz'

I'm looking for a puppy.I want a Komondor....I love how they look and I think Jazz is ready to help take care of a dog....

If you know of any breeders in the Baltimore/Washington area please let me know...



Hey y'all..should I be afraid because Anita Baker's Cd is coming out in September ??
Some folks are suggesting that Lalah and I may be in trouble... boo hoo....

"shaking in my boots!" lol

Shoot,there's room for everybody!

I'm gonna buy Anita Baker's record too...I love her!!!

what a pain..I hate to be rushed!!

Hey y'all...
I'm stressed today because the record company rushed me and Rex to get the credits and track listing to them to send to the printer....And about 2 am this morning, I discovered the track listing is wrong on the one they have,and some producer info is missing...a name is spelled wrong...oh woe is me!!!

I hope they didn't print the cover yet!!

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Smooth Sailing

Hey Family....

Here are some pictures from the photo session,and.....

Here is the track listing from Smooth Sailing....

1.Hypnotic Love

2.Smooth Sailing

3.Soul Child

4.Scat World

5.Where Do You Go?

6.So Very Hot

7.All Day Long

8.It's Time For Love

9.Where Have You Been?

10.One More Chance


Samples will be coming soon...

Love ya..