Friday, October 31, 2008


What's up y'all..long time, no diary...
I am sitting in my bedroom trying to memorize these Rufus songs I am singing with them in Japan next week. I am not retaining lyrics like I used to..I guess I'm getting old!
I was just chillin' and I realized something. I don't yearn for,think about,wonder about,or try to figure out my ex-boyfriend anymore. I just realized that I wasted 9 months crying and being depressed,and now I don't feel anything. I mean I hope he's happy,but I don't have that desire or longing in my heart for him anymore,but I'm still a romantic at heart and I can hardly wait for my Prince to show up whoever he is. I will always pray for him,and I will continue to be happy with my life until he comes. It felt like it took forever for me to get over my ex. But thank GOD I'm here! And I am looking for a new love...whooo-hooo!!!

It made me feel so good!!
I had to vote early because I am going to California to rehearse with Rufus.
Isn't that wild?? I am singing with my favorite band from my childhood!! WHAT THE HECK??
I hope they dont expect me to try to sing like Chaka...she is the EVERLASTING QUEEN of JAZZ-FUNK..I'm just trying to help out,and I will be MAYSASIZING the songs I
Alright I gotta go back to memorizing....'I'm a woman..and i'm a backbone..!!
See ya!!
Oh!! I hope I get back to number one on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts!!(we r number 2 this week) And climb the R&B charts again..this week I fell all the way to 40 but at least Im still TOP 40 on Billboard!!!