Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Weight Watchers,Canada,Underground Divas..

Hey y'all..

I'm sitting here at home at 12:07 am,Thursday,May 10,2007.

I just came from The Giant Supermarket and I bought a freezer full of Smart Ones(tm) from Weight Watchers.

I am trying to get my ass in gear for my metamorphosis..dammit I was supposed to start in January after Blues Alley,then I got blindsided by work and man stuff,and I am just really focused TODAY..I started my two mile walk around my neighborhood on Monday..didn't do squat Tuesday and today,but I'm gonn get my hips up at 6am(less than 6 hours from now) and WALK WALK mom is doing it with me,shes already lost 14 pounds in the last two weeks and she hasnt even started exercising yet.

I am going to St.Lucia to sing at the Jazz Fest, I am filling in for my buddy Will Downing,who is recovering from being sick since January...(he tells his story on his website..) He's such a strong man,I am praying for him.

I leave at 5 am on Friday Morning,and then I get back on Mothers Day at 6:30 pm..and my mom is cooking a crazy meal of Seafood Salad,Crabcakes,Spareribs(oh my gosh Jazz devours Spareribs!! I wish I could get a picture of him..y'all would crack up!)..and goodness knows what we are taking that day off the diet ,but come Monday morning,I am back on schedule.


So my routine is basically..

-Walking every morning for 45 minutes which is 2 miles (for me)..I'll cut the time down soon)

-Weight Training with my personal trainer at his gym in Security Mall (Charles Harris III is his name),three days a week.

When I am on the road I will walk the stairs in the hotel for thirty minutes and /or go to the gym if they have one. Or go for a walk around the hotel.

I time myself by my new CD which is about 50 minutes long..

-My Maysa Menu

* Breakfast- What ever I want within 10 points.

* snack-fruit/yogurt (count the points)

*Lunch- Smart Ones meal

*snack-??? within my daily points

*Dinner-Smart Ones meal

-Drink alot of water

-Pray that I will stick to this this time.Please GOD help me.  :)


I'm sorry I'm such a punk and refuse to tell you how much I weigh today,but I will admit that as of today ,May 10,2007. I have 95 pounds to lose.


I'm trying to get  the new site up as soon as possible,so that we can publicly show you all my progress...

Oh I haven't told you guys about the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards..I had a great time ,and I did a pretty good job as a presenter I think. Troy, went with me,and as a director,he said I did good. and believe me ,he doesnt hold back when he thinks he can help you improve!

Al Jarreau won in my category,but I wasn't's like losing an award to your teacher! It's all good.

Troy took most of the pictures..but I did get some cool ones of the hotel we stayed in for the Jam Sessions the next night ..very nice!

I like Toronto..hey,BRUCE??? What happened to you?Dag..


Oh well dahlin's..I'll add some more tomorrow..I gotta tell you about my first REVENGE OF THE UNDERGROUND DIVAS CONCERT!

The inaugural concert unfortunately is a private gig,but hopefully it will lead to something big!

This flyer is an unofficial idea. And I probably shouldn't put it out there yet..but I want y'all to see what's going on..ya dig??

Love ya, I'm sleepy. 'Night.