Tuesday, August 27, 2013

THE RED JUICE IS GONE!!! You gotta have talent now!! Thanks Miley!! Shock Value has no value anymore!!

I wasnt gonna,but I can't not say anything. So here it goes.
I'mma need Miley Cyrus to go somewhere and sit down and think seriously about what she did,because she actually has talent. And her performance was sad, silly and degrading. And a bit racist,but Im not going THERE. I'mma need people who are trying to be in the music industry who have no musical talent whatsoever to get a damn job doing something else and leave it to those who study and practice and sacrifice and work HARD. Cause you see, the WORLD IS TIRED OF SHOCK VALUE. People are struggling out here and need music to help them through this thing called life. There are people who want to dance because they are happy or want to release some stress from working hard at living. People want to FEEL emotionally.They want to be connected. Lets let strippers have their thing. Keep TWERKING (I HATE THAT WORD) where it belongs. Not where little girls 4 years old can and want to learn how to do it. Lets return to the world where I had to sneak to find out anything about sex cause it was not in my face all day long it was HIDDEN. LOL (Sorry I made myself laugh there..) Yes I learned about sex from looking at my daddys playboy magazines. Dont judge me. LOL. But SERIOUSLY. All of y'all " musicians" trying to sell your soul to be popular, I feel sorry for you. If I were rich like Miley,I would be somewhere trying to build somebody a damn house or feed someone, not trying to stay relevant in a fake world. Its all smoke and mirrors honey... and the last thing Im going to say to the future musicians..Y'all better learn your craft,practice,pratice,practice..cause there's no more red juice to drink. THE WORLD IS SMARTER THAN THEY ARE TELLING YOU.REAL TALENT WEARS THE BIG WHITE HAT AND ALWAYS WINS!!! I want to go down in history as a human who tried to make someone feel better with the gift I was given. Ok I'm done. :P