Saturday, June 25, 2005

Sorry Famz.....

  I'm home,but I have been really sick..
my body shut down on me when I got back from pressure went up (155/107),I had pains in my chest,paramedics came to my house and did an EKG..which was normal,so my doctor made me get a CT Scan to rule out a blood clot.
That was a scary experience..they had to give me an IV drip to shoot dye in my veins for a contrast CT finally,after a few agonizing days,I have and a clean bill of doctor said that I was suffering from stress and exhaustion.   He also said that I have been very lucky to retain the level of health that I have had with the added extra weight. I know I have been a healthy person my whole life,and if I don't do something,my health will go down if I don't get this weight off.   This weight feels like Satan on my back. Something will be done.Now.This is the last time I will ever mention my weight until I have done something about it. I will continue my diaries though..I'll just talk about something else..LOL   Anyway,I have been wanting to show you guys some pictures of my tours with Incognito.I have been truly blessed,(even though I hate to be away from Jazz),to see most of the world,because of my job as a singer with this band. DJGary in Atlanta has been after me for a long time to buy a digital camera and now that I have one it goes everywhere with me...even Walmart!(Yeah I've been once since I 've been home)   So here are some pictures from The Milan Blue Note,Turkey,and Russia...   More to come soon.. Can't wait to see my Detroit Famz @ Chene Park next week!!   Maysa