Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas,Happy Holidays,Happy New Year

Hiya everyone...

I know you may be running around doing last minute shopping,or just chillin',and I wanted to thank everyone for their support of my career this year.2004 was a pretty cool year for me and my family and I feel truly blessed and grateful.

We almost finished the kitchen remodel in time for Christmas dinner,but the refrigerator and sink, dishwasher, island and countertops are all we have to get now.

But my mom,the miracle worker,fixed a whole Thanksgiving dinner with a microwave,convection oven! We have a fridge downstairs and a big sink in the laundry room,so she was able to do her thang!

I'm glad to be home for Christmas...usually we are in Japan.

Oh Japan..whoa...was that was a trip and a half!

41 shows in a row(incl. the Blue Note in Italy),and gosh my throat hurts!

When we got to Osaka,I was talking mess in the car all the way to the hotel,but I started having an anxiety attack when we got close...I felt faint,and Bluey and Sarah were keeping their eyes on me to see how I was gonna act after 5 years...

Soooooo..when I walk into the lobby,I felt weak ,and I got my key and took deep breaths all the way up to my room.Of course to freak me out a little more..the room was exactly like the room I had when I came to get Jazz.

I remembered the crib they had set up in the corner,and the view was the same.

I actually was feeling okay until Sarah came to my room.I hadn't cried yet but she started BAWLING!! LOL...I was like dag Sarah I was okay until you came in here!

But I understood what she was feeling because Sarah helped me get out of that room 5 years ago when I had to leave my newborn,premature baby in a foreign country,and I was on the phonne telling her,in a cloud of instability and tears,that I CAN'T LEAVE HIM HERE ALONE!!

But Sarah made me write a list to follow because at that point I couldn't remember  how to get out of that room.I didn't know how to get from my room to the airport,and she made me write a list something like this....

1.Pack your clothes

2.Take a bath

3.Get dressed

4.Call the bell captain to get your bags

5.Make sure you don't leave anything

6.Go downstairs

7.Pay your room bill

8.Get in the cab

Go home Maysa

I love Sarah Brown.She is one of the best friends I've ever had in my life.

When Jazz sees her he lights up.He knows.

Well...on a lighter note! LOLOLOL....

I am feeling good y'all! The 25th Anniversary Concert in London was off the chain! Beautiful history was made that night.I am so proud of Bluey...I love this picture of us....

Anyway,It was a joy to sing on stage with Jocelyn Brown! She is AWESOME! A beautiful person and she is always so sweet to me.

Seeing so many musicians I haven't seen like Fayyaz,Randy,Graham ,Chris Ballin..oh my goodness his voice just rings through my spirit!

It was wonderful seeing my American friends..Harron,Michael,Joel... (Joel where did you go?I came out to bring you some AAA passes brother but you had disappeared! And I tried to give you signals while I was on stage!LOL)

I have some pictures to add,but the link to add them isn't working tonight...I'll figure it out soon..

Y'all be safe,I love you,have a great holiday,and remember....