Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Meeting In New York

Hey everyone! Thanks for all of your beautiful responses regarding that stupid e-mail. y'all make me feel like a protected little (or older) sister!

Well the good news is that my meeting today went really well, and if all goes wonderful.......:)

Gotta keep a secret sometimes!


Love ya,


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

GOD give me strength

Hi Family,

Many of you are new to the site,to my music,to my life....some have read my diaries and have tried to figure me out as a whole person,which I must say cannot be done.I am a complex woman,who is 100% about love. I have never wanted to,or tried to hurt anyone in my whole life.I have only treated people the way I wanted to be treated.

The music industry has not always been very kind to me.I live a highly stressful life,as we all do,and I must honestly admit that if God would just show me another way to make a living ,I will choose it,because this business is hurting me.

You may have heard /read me complaining about the lack of support I have gotten for my records..all which have been successful because of people like you who buy my music because of my voice,songwriting style and my choice of really good songs.But be that as it may,I still have to deal with heart -breaking realities of the music business.I have paid more dues,taken more shit,(no wonder I have weight issues,because I have eaten more humble pie than humanly neccessary),and yet my core foundation,God,my family,and the support of my listeners,and a handful of friends in the business have kept me going,tried to hold me up when the world was tearing me  down. I have quit at least three times a year,and I have sacrificed little bits of my spirit everytime some bull goes down.

I have been good to everyone I have come across.I have been a top notch professional,and if you hear any complaints about me,it will be from people who didnt gain some type of control over me,financially,or mentally.

Today as I prepare myself to go to New York tomorrow for a meeting that could possibly turn my whole career around for the better,I get a call from my manager,who is sad,hurt and disappointed in an email she recieved from a person who made me an offer to do a show in D.C. in September.

This offer was 500 dollars above my asking price,and everything was going along fine until,the "boss" decided to speak his mind....

I am reprinting it here,to give you an example of what my life is like and why I really wonder why I continue on in this business.I am tired of being shit on and told I aint good enough.

I am also not a stupid woman so I am deleting personal and financial information.

I just want you to see for yourself.

But know this one thing. I KNOW WHO I AM AND WHAT I AM HERE FOR.

Maybe my time is done doing it this way because I don't have live like this.I surrender to whatever God wants me to do or to be from here on out.I intend on living the rest of my life Smoothly Sailing...


HERE IT IS Y'ALL...(by the way..the info regarding ticket sales is false)

[Thanks  for the information.

$ is way too much for Maysa in my opinion.

It states that Maysa will handle travel; hotels; etc.
- she stays in Maryland so those should not even be
factors in her pricing.

Based on the numbers, venue size, show cost, her
recent appearance,
and the last four shows for Maysa
in DC; her ticket sales individually did not produce
enough to cover her stated fee + a venue cost, let
alone marketing, etc.

The best show she had in the since of ticket sales -
was headlined by ? at the ? produced
by ?. Maysa received close to $ and had a
radio song out at the time.

Therefore, to jump to $ is definitely not working
for me.

Does she have a new single/album in radio rotation?

How many in her entourage?  I will reach out to
? where they rehearse if you don't know the
answer to this last question.

Finally, I really love Maysa sound & music, but she is
not worth $ all-in. And that to me is being modest
if she is not hot right now.]