Tuesday, February 28, 2006



I am so excited about Sweet Classic Soul because I got a chance to fully devote a whole record to the music that influenced me as a child growing up in the seventies.

This is the music I listened to over and over and over when I was teaching myself to sing. I hope that the artists, writers, producers, and the families of the artists who are no longer with us appreciate our interpretations of songs.

Also, I have deemed this record the "ladies mackin' record!"...a record women can use to set a romantic scene for the object of their desire! I know I am!


Monday, February 27, 2006

This Diary has been read 6,886 times since August 15,2004!!!

But the 6 is missing..I gotta call AOL..


Went to one of my best friends..and Jazz's Godmother Wanda's birthday party tonight! We had a good time.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

I can feel the energy.....it's about that time y'all!!!!

It's time y'all...Sweet Classic Soul is kicking up some dust!

I'm am toooooo excited..I know I feel this way about all of my records,but this one really is getting a huge buzz..more so than my other CD's.

I am home right now trying to rest my voice. I have been having vocal problems since November and it's not getting any better so I have to go through some more testing next week.

My doctor looked at my vocal chords and said they were in perfect condition, just inflamed from acid reflux. I have been taking the medicine..changed my eating habits...sleeping elevated and on my left side..everything possible....I dont feel any symptoms of acid reflux,but my voice is still not back to 100 percent.

I also am having allergy tests done and I need to find a company that does environmental tests on your home..because I have been getting sick lately and I never get sick...when I sneeze or cough my back itches like crazy..that must be some type of allergic reaction...because my back is VERY CLEAN!! LOL...my voice is constantly hoarse..and my voice does that thing like Peter Brady on the Brady Bunch when his voice was changing..(y'all remember that episode)...

And you know double dag on well that I am not letting anything interfere with my money maker.. I mean this has been the scariest 4 months of my life. I don't know what I would do with my life if I couldn't sing to my peeps! But I hope that maybe GOD just wants me to rest..because I really don't.And maybe ,who know..maybe during this break I may hook up with "THE ONE"....my future sweetie can't find me if i'm on the road ALL the time..:)

Plus I get to be Jazz's mommy fo real..24/7...I get to get on a  little schedule with my trainer...yeah..I'm gonna try to enjoy my little break.

I really enjoyed the American tour..which Bluey named "The East Coast Boogie Tour" (he names all of the tours we do)....every city was fantastic and really showed us alot of love....I am really proud of Baltimore..because since I don't get played much on the radio here I figured the crowd would be just.. okay!! But that joint was sold out!!

And the energy was off the hook!

Thank you home town...

It was really great to see my old and new "cuzzinz" too...Bruce who I haven't seen in a long time and to finally meet Miss Kendra!

I appreciate all of you for not slamming me about my voice and understanding that I was frustrated as hell...That is the worst feeling in the world to me..disappointing people who come to hear me sing.I am a basket case when I can't do my job.

But there was no way I wasn't gonna come out to see everyone...I just wish I could have sung my heart out like I wanted to.

If you haven't already done so ,please check out the interview I did with Ledisi..it's on the news page or her website messageboard.

Thank to the person who did the myspace site....I think it's pretty cool.


For those of you in the Baltimore/Washington area..I am having a record release party Friday March 3 in Baltimore at the City View Bar and Grill ,6700 Security Blvd. Radio personality LOLO and Majic 95.9 are sponsoring the event,and it's gonna be really sweet.I think it starts at 8pm..I will have the confirmed info on Monday.

Something really sweet happened to me at the station on Friday when I went to do (drops)...{"hello this is Maysa and you're listening to...."}

I ran into...literally... a beautiful man who I always see when I do the radio thing..but I felt a special connection to him this time.His energy towards me is awesome.....ummm....umm...ummm...anyway...

I better not say any more,because he may know someone who reads this site and I dont want this to get cheesy! lol...

So..back to Sweet Classic Soul...

I said to Goody on the message board that I really need everyones help to promote this cd however I dont want ya'll to go through any expense..I refuse to let this one fade into the background like my others...I have got to do whatever I can.

I spoke to Stevie (Wonder) and told him that I redid ALL I DO and he told me thank you!! Isn't that sweet! He hasn't heard it yet..I hope he likes it.

I gotta go..Jazz wants me to help him with his Zelda video game..The sad part is that I actually know how to play!

See ya soon,