Monday, October 31, 2005

Hi everyone..

I'm on a two day break before Incognito goes to Germany...I have to fly out Wed night....I'm glad I got a chance to spend Halloween with Jazzie and our family.

The producer for the new CD,gave me a copy of the roughs so I can gage what I need to redo...most of the work i did is cool..I just want it to be as close to perfect,as i can get it.

I am suffering from  the beginning stages of acid reflux and my vocal chords have been inflamed for a while now.My doctor has me on all kinds of medication...

Ypu know what lesson I have learned from this? I wil NEVER ever give up singing because of some dumb music industry bull stuff.

Not having my moneymaker working in top condition has scared the HELL out of me.

My doc says that in 6 weeks i should be fine,but i have to make some behavioral changes,such as not eating 8pm,not even water.

No citrus foods,spicy,etc..(which is cool since I dont like spicy foods anyway)

I have to sleeop on my left side which feels a little weird simce I like sleeping on my stomach...

but I dont care what she told me to do .I am going to do it because if I lose my voice,i'm up the creek....

Incognito has a show in Cork,Ireland last weekend which was fun..We did about 8 new songs from the new CD which is always exciting...

I had a hard time memorizing the new songs Come Away With Me and When Tomorrow Brings You Down...and all the backgrounds on Imanni and Tony;s songs.

Carleen Anderson is joing us from The Forum Show till the end of the's going to be fun being on tour with her!

I met Ed Motta and went out to dinner with Bluey and his family,Ed and his wife and Gail...we ate Lebonese food.which of course I was tripping about..I mean dag I just got used to Indian! but it was good...

Well I'm sleepy dahlins'...

Love ya.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fund Raiser for Eubie Blake Jazz Institute-Baltimore

   After my recording session,I got a chance to see some of Roberts' one man show. He is sooooo gifted and blessed.This man is gonna be a household name one day soon. He just got a call from "THE WIRE" so I 'm keeping my fingers crossed for him. If you are in Baltimore,please come check it out.    

Monday, October 17, 2005

Nashville,Tennessee, The Vibe Room, Recording New CD

Hi cuzzinz,

I have just returned home after spending the a couple days recording with Kendall Duffie of the group Kloud 9 at his studio in Nashville.

We were recording a song called "Runnin'" for a compilation for Expansion Records in London.

This was my first time working with Kendall as a producer,and I was truly impressed.

After we finished some vocals Kendall took me to a club called Level 88,where I met my manager Berenice (who moved to Nashville a few years ago with her husband and daughter).

When we arrived,a couple of Kendalls friends were on the stage singing their booty's off! Then they called me up and the band played Deep Waters for me.

The next day we went to the Waffle House...I haven't been to one of those since I was on the Morgan Choir in college,and we used to go on those Southern tours.

After breakfast we recorded some more,and then went to do an interview at Fisk University's radio station 88.1 WFSK.

I really enjoyed the interview,it was relaxed and I was proud to be at another HBCU(Historically Black College and/or University).Thanks Tory! On Friday Night I had gone to Morgan's Homecoming Gala with my cousin Lauren. being at Fisk and Morgan made me want to go back to school. I think I might do just that. Whenever I find some time.

I really wish I could do a college tour one day.

Speaking of college tours,A REAL NIGGA SHOW,(which I produce,and my tour manager,Troy Burton directs ) ,is going on the road with a show at Wilberforce University on November 1,2005.

Also,another play that The Blueroses Entertainment Group is producing is from a young and upcoming actor from Baltimore named Robert Hardy.

His one man show is called Me ,Myself ,and Us,and it debuts at The Eubie Blake Jazz and Cultural Institute in Baltimore on October 19,20,and 21.

I'll get all of the deatils and post it on the news page later today.

I start recording a new CD today. It's a one off CD for Shanachie Records.

I have to record 2 songs a day because I have to leave to go on tour with Incognito on the 26 of October.

I'll keep you updated about our progress...

See ya soon..

Oh! The Revenge of The Underground Divas will happen one day next year ya'll.I need to sit down with a grant writer since this tour will be education based,and map out the game plan.

When I get back from taking Jazz tom school,I'll post some picturesfrom my weekend...



Sunday, October 9, 2005

What an interesting weekend...

Hey y'all..

This turned out to be a really nice weekend. Last night(Saturday) I went on a ........DATE!!!! WHAT???? ,yes a DATE.

Can you believe it? I had a really nice time with a producer/singer/songwriter I met years ago in '99.

I have to get his permission to tell you who he is,(just to be fair) but anyway,he took me to a party in DC and then we went to the Cheesecake Factory in Bethesda,Maryland.

Very sweet man,opened every door,was very know the usual good stuff. I had a really nice time.Did I 'let him get a kiss goodnight'? YES!! LOL

Today,I went to Atlantic City with my girlfriends,and instead of sitting in one casino losing all my money,I felt like doing something different. I took a look at the helicopter ride,and thought.."oh hell no"...I looked at the bungee jumping thingy..and thought yeah right..I can see those cords snapping when my booty gets on it..and then I saw THE HORSES ON THE BEACH!! EUREKA!!! I wanted to ride a horse so bad,and my cousin wanted to ride too,so we both decided to pay $25 dollars each. When it was our turn, my heart started beating so fast,and then it took a minute for me to pull myself up on top if that big joker,because I asked for the BIGGEST horse there! I know horses are strong but I didn't want to be the one to break his,the people who were guides were telling me that once I get on I wouldn't want to get off..and they were right. The ride was for 30 minutes and it seemed to be over so quick. MOOSE ,my horse was called,was a little wild...and the told me how to control him,so the whole time all I was saying was "WHOA MOOSE!".. I kept feeling like I was either gonna fall off,or he was gonna throw my butt to the ground..thank goodness we were on sand! There is a lot to learn about riding a horse and I think I want to start Jazzie early. By the half way point,the guide was calling me a cowgirl,and was flirting with me,talking all kinds of mess!! He told me to call him and he would give me riding lessons!!!!! (I would comment more but children may bereading this).

I think he told me his name was "Ram Rod"...LMAO!!!!(I swear he did!) He had me laughing the whole time!Made me forget I  was scared! Then later he told me it was "Cowboy"...hahahaha..but really by 15 minutes I was really in the groove and feeling the rythmn and it's great exercise..I really wish I could make this an adult only diary...cause.....boy oh boy...I could tell you alot more about this experience,but I'm sure you catch my drift....LOLOLOL....

I know my thighs are stomach are gonna kill me tomorrow...

I'm gonna get the chat thing going and will post the number and time on the news page...I think we should change the date to Wednesday...

See ya..


Saturday, October 8, 2005

Diary Archives

Hi..If you are new to the site or just for fun,you want to track my several near-nervous can check them out by using the link at the bottom of this page..

I have years of diary entries that will put on the site soon.....




Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Feelin Blue...

WANT ADS: Lonely(but not desperate!) in Baltimore


I'm tired of waiting.


Your future happiness.

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Too Tired to correct typos...will explain the pics 2morrow!

Hello family,
I know,I know..this is going to be a long one so you may
need to read it in parts....

First check out my table at my friend Wandas' sister's house a couple weeks ago..I had a ball selling stuff i don't even look at anymore. I will be doing more yard sales in the future.I really have a good time selling my "stuff". :)

I must tell you,before I get started on Bulgaria and the
Emmy's, I have just signed a new record deal today. It's a transitional piece of work that I am really excited about.

Next summer,I turn 40 years old,and plan to have a HUGE birthday celebration...(it's also my 15th year singing with Incognito)..anyway,the next cd that I release (after this transitional one ) will be one that is a life-changing,musical style changing metamorphosis of mind body spirit and music!

When I turn 40 it will mark my 34th year of being consumed by the desire to live my life as a storyteller through words and music.

Recently,the head of one of the "majors",told my manager that there was nothing there for me,even though he really respected my work.I must admit that "I "went there",getting all upset,trying to make it personal like i usually do,but this time the pain of rejection only lasted two days.

One,because I have tried to hold on to my theory of the
'Law of Attraction'and wanted to remain positive.Secondly,because I have a wonderful group of family and friends who take turns either cussing people out with me,or telling me straight to my face."GET OVER IT!"It's a wonderful yin and Yang and it helps me face reality much faster than before.And thirdly,because I got the call for this Transitional record a few days later! :) How awesome is that.The Law of Attraction REALLY WORKS!

So anyway,I am so excited about this project,but i can't tell you anymore about it because I want it to be sort of a should be released in January,and hopefully my metmorphosis record will be released after my i will be promoting Incognito's new record in the states in 2006....Y'all..if I don't get great publicity with all this music coming out..I don't know what else to do.

One thing that I will be doing to promote my music next year is to do small club dates in alot of cities,tour like the old school days...

Okay..enough of that...

I had a nice time in Bulgaria with Incognito.
It was weird flying all over the place to do that one

gig,but boy what a gig it was!!!

Because I had to be back in LA on the 17th to go to the EMMY AWARDS,I had to take a train from Baltimore to Newark NJ,fly from Newark to London,London to Bulgaria,then on the Saturday before the awards,I flew from Bulgaria to London,London to Newark,and then Newark to LA...Saxophonist Tom Scott,(who wrote the theme song to Starsky and Hutch if ya didn't know..and who featured me on 'Dont Get Any Better Than This' on his Night Creatures CD)who has been the music director for the EMMYs for a few years now,invited me to come check it out form behind the scenes! I was as excited as a kid in Toys R Us!

On the day of the awards telecast (live),my best friend Kim took me to meet Tom because the Shrine Auditorium and all surrounding streets were under heavy heavy security,and I needed to ride with him since of course he had ALL ACCESS!!!

We got to the stage door and walked right pass a table with about 35 Emmy Awards on it! The lady watching them wouldn't let me takle a picture.In fact,I really don't have alot opf pictures to show you because It wasn't that kind of thing from the "inside" if you know what I mean. There was a place where pictures were taken and it was all organized and being in'their ' world I didn't feel like it was cool to keep asking people to take a picture. I felt uncomfortable about picture taking,yet EVERYONE I met was extremely NICE!! Yeah,it shocked me to see that the people all over the tabloids were considerate and actually very sweet. I didn't meet one egomanic the whole evening.

So anyway,I went to get dressed in Toms dressing room,and as I walk down the hall,I passed dressing rooms for Donald Trump,Macy Gray, Gary Dourdan.....from CSI,etc..They were there to do The Emmy Idol contest.

After I got dressed Tom asked me if I wanted to see the control room,and I met the producers of the Emmy's ,very gracious very polite.

We went into the Architectural Digest green room,and
there was this lady sitting there with alot of papers,Tom knew her from when he did the Pat Sajak show or Chevy Chase show.I forget which one..he was the MD for both...anyway we spoke for a bit and then I look up and there was Teri Hatcher from Desperate Housewives!! And that when I discovered the lady in that room was the script lady and that I was in the PERFECT spot to see a hell of alot of people I watch on tv everyday.

In comes Quentin Tarrantino,Ben Affleck,theother Desperate Houswives...and it's funny..all these people spoke to me,not knowing who I was,and they all had this who are you? look on their faces! I was trippin!

I guess Tom saw that I was enjoying that spot so he went on to do some last minute stuff and when he came back ,there I was still grinning! I had such a ball!

Then we went to our seats and what an adventure that we were walking,I saw so many people it was a trip.I can't even name all of them.But one person who stood out was Mathew St.Patrick who played Keith Charles on one of my favorite shows last year Six Feet Under.
That brother is so handsome.When he stopped to pass me I
looked right in his eyes and said "hello" and he said hello baby!! AAGAGGGAHHHA!!! little moment with Mathew...and I just saw him on tv a few nights before fantasizing my ass off about him! Wow LA is alright after all! Too bad he's married..I would have jumped on hm for real!

Just before the show was over I went back to another green room and there was the actress who plays Karen on Will and Grace.Now she is one of my mothers favorite tv actors..she loves Nash Bridges ,Monk and Karen on Will and Grace.And most times if I hear my mother screaming <FONTFACE="ARIAL size="2" Black?>laughing it's because of something "Karen " has said on that show. So I asked her if she would call my mom and she took the phone and said "hello Laura,this is Megan Mullally.I play Karen on Will and Grace" and then the whole room heard my mother Screaming!! LOL That was fun. She told my mother that she must be beautiful because I was looking absolutely beautiful that night.!

It's funny,because I have spent all of my career worried about my weight because of "hollywoods" standards,and here I was in Hollywood at one of their biggest events and the main players in this game were calling me beautiful all night!
Surreal. Okay enough ego trippin.

So in to the room comes Carson from Queer Eye for a Straight guy and I started beaming again,because I had just been on the airplane from London laughing so hard at this episode where they try to transform this single dad,and Carson was so funny on that show i had to contain myself on the airplane ..and then here he comes walking in to the room along with Ellen the host of the show.

He walks over to where I was sitting and the other people introduced me and I told him about the episode(what a nerd I am sometimes..but what else do you say?),and he said that he's heard of Incognito,and I said well I wish I had time to go get my CD's for you and to my delight and surprise,he told me he was gonna follow me to the dressing room to get them!!So I took him to the room and gave him my CD's! Awesome fun.

So after the show,we went to the Govenors Ball.On the way in Tom said maysa let me introduce you to WHOOPI GOLDBERG!!!! She turned to me took my hands and said chile I have seen you somehwere before! I have heard you sing somewhere! And at that moment i told her what a big fan I was..I know everyone says that! But I didnt know what else to say....and after the fact I remembered that she may have seen the PSA that Jazz and I did for the March of Dimes that ran all of last year all over the states!
Anyway I gave her my CD's!!

LOL..Then I turn around and meet Barbara Hershey. I told her that another one of my best friends and I cried when we went to see Beaches!So we sat down at a beautiful table and Macy Gray came in and I had her call my neice and Nephew!! I had people working that night. I just wanted my family to enjoy the night with me.I had such a great time and everyone made me feel so welcome. At that moment,Tom asked me if I had seen Charles Dutton and I said no...then i went to get up to go to the ladies room and ran right into his arms! i said hey i'm Maysa from baltimore and he said hey what are you doing out here..and I told him how Tom invited me and we talked for a while.he told me someone had just sent my last CD to his house on his farm in Howard county,andthat he comes to Baltimore from time to time! He asked me to send my numbers and stuff to his agent,because neither one of us had a pen...have I don that yet?? No! I'll get Troy or Bernie on it this week.
All in all after Tom dropped me off at my girlfriends house felt like Cinderella before 12 midnight.Dag,I had a ball.

There's so much more I could tell you..but I can hardly stay awake and I better get on to some other stuff before I get too sleepy. I'm determined to finish this diary tonight.

Baltimore,even without a drop of publicity,I still had a ball with the 200+ of you that showed up at the gig the other night.
I'm so sorry I was hoarse,but I tried to do my best.
There was a DVD made,I gotta check it first.The Rams Head Live is a GREAT venue.I mean GREAT. I hope that Incognito does that place when we come here.I told Bluey's manager about it yesterday.

Come on over to Dimensions in Music tomorrow at 11 am to check out Will Downing promoting his new CD.I'm gonna go support and buy one myself.

I'll try to get these pictures to load tonight. If they don't I'll get my cable modem fixed tomorrow and do it then...
Let's thank Raymond,who is busy with his beautiful family and work,for fixing the site so I can do updates.
Thank you Raymond.

I'm toast y'all..I have been up all night helping one of my friends deliver her baby! I'm Auntie Maysa again!