Friday, October 31, 2008


What's up y'all..long time, no diary...
I am sitting in my bedroom trying to memorize these Rufus songs I am singing with them in Japan next week. I am not retaining lyrics like I used to..I guess I'm getting old!
I was just chillin' and I realized something. I don't yearn for,think about,wonder about,or try to figure out my ex-boyfriend anymore. I just realized that I wasted 9 months crying and being depressed,and now I don't feel anything. I mean I hope he's happy,but I don't have that desire or longing in my heart for him anymore,but I'm still a romantic at heart and I can hardly wait for my Prince to show up whoever he is. I will always pray for him,and I will continue to be happy with my life until he comes. It felt like it took forever for me to get over my ex. But thank GOD I'm here! And I am looking for a new love...whooo-hooo!!!

It made me feel so good!!
I had to vote early because I am going to California to rehearse with Rufus.
Isn't that wild?? I am singing with my favorite band from my childhood!! WHAT THE HECK??
I hope they dont expect me to try to sing like Chaka...she is the EVERLASTING QUEEN of JAZZ-FUNK..I'm just trying to help out,and I will be MAYSASIZING the songs I
Alright I gotta go back to memorizing....'I'm a woman..and i'm a backbone..!!
See ya!!
Oh!! I hope I get back to number one on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts!!(we r number 2 this week) And climb the R&B charts again..this week I fell all the way to 40 but at least Im still TOP 40 on Billboard!!!


Binkabi said...

Maysa, I've been a fan for a long time. You keep producing and its all wonderful music. You're gifted in that when you're sad or hurting, the sound of your voice heals others, who are probably feeling the same way you are. Love is what we all want in life in some form or fashion. Sometimes God uses us as vessels to deliver love. You keep doing what you do cause if the truth be told it's those guys who are missing out. So love you! Be gentle with yourself. We never need another person(man or woman) to fulfill or complete us. We just want one. All we need is love and sister girl you’re surrounded by it. God's got you and He knows how you feel. He's coming and he's staying. I don’t know who you like to listen to, but another artist that I’ve gotten into is Adele. If you haven’t heard her, you should check her out. I said that all to say the first song on her album is call “Day Dreamer”. The chorus goes like this

you can find him
sitting on your doorstep
waiting for the surprise
and he will feel like
he’s been there for hours
and you can tell that
he’ll be there for life.

Hang in there and spread that love in Japan. BTW, I got a chance to see you when you came to Charlotte NC with your boy from Incognito. It was a small club and you guys did an all acoustic. It was all that.

Big fan who feels your heart and connects with you soul I appreciate you talent and commitment to making music.


Barry said...

Maysa: I am listening to one of your singles-"Where Do You Go" from Smooth Sailing and WOW. Reason for bring it toward your attention because you must go back to basic which it seems you maybe doing it. If you do not go within; you go without. God is all around us and everything. Just continue loving Maysa. He, man, will come. Meanwhile, make beautiful music because you are here for a reason. You know this. Go back to that those lyrics of- Where do you go?

日不落 said...


jase said...

Hello Maysa,
You have no idea how much I adore you. The first time I ever heard you was on "Positivity" back in 1996.I had already heard "Jazz Funk" and "100 and Rising" at the time.
( My first love had been killed by her husband at that time and Bluey's lyric on the title track really helped me during that terrible stretch in my life...)
Anyway-I started looking for more Incognito and when I heard you on "Positivity" I was just floored!.
The point of this rant?
You Maysa are a never ending part of my life.You make me feel like there is hope in this world-you know?Your voice heals me at times when I can't deal with it all...I STILL watch that short video of you with Incognito singing "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" on Youtube.(I think it's in Holland-'92)
...on that video your voice is angelic,and the look on your face makes me melt!You are the greatest Maysa!I love you so much!

It breaks my heart to read that you have been hurting.That dude obviously did not know what he had because you are the kind of woman who makes one whole.
I tried to send you a request on facebook,but it told me that you already had x amount of friends and I was not allowed in.
I was listening to "All My Life" and "Maysa" yesterday in the car and I thought I should try to see if you had a website-Of course you do!LOL!
So, here I am now to tell you that you will always be the greatest in my book...

You will find love Maysa.I know it.

If you are ever in Colorado,Look me up! LOL! I'll go out with you!
There are people out there who adore you girl...remember that.

sam armytage said...

please don't judge all men by the bad men . I would be good to a woman t after 40 years i'm still yet to find a girl who doesn't talk to me because i'm an ugly skinny, nerd . what is it to love someone?
I read you like guys with muscles so I won't waste my time or yours by complimenting you and asking for a date. good luck.