Friday, March 24, 2006


hey y'all what's up?

I just got back from LA..I did a promotional date with Brian for his All Star Cruise,it was fun. The Garden Of Eden is a nice club...there were alot of people was packed out..

I just always feel so self-conscious out there..because I don't have that LA look..I don't like how it feels...whatever..but the people are cool thank to see David Nathan,(from Pat Prescott who used to be a radio personality in New York,and now she's with the WAVE out there..Pat has been so supportive of my whole career..I wish they would let her choose the music at the station...she would have my back I'm sure...

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever see my career take a turn for the better soon...

Anyway..I'll write a new diary soon...

This one is done.. :)..well not really..

Jacksonville was off the hook..even with my terrible vocal peeps in Jacksonville treated me like I was in full voice!

We even had problems with the sound system,and the response to the band was incredible.We all appreciated the hospitality shown to us by the Ritz and we are really looking forward to playing there again.




Thursday, March 16, 2006


Went on a date the kiss of my life. Yeah..seriously.

Good gosh almighty.



Saturday, March 4, 2006

The Listening Party In Baltimore..(typos will be fixed later)

Hey Y'all. I had such a great time at the listening party for the record last night in my hometown! (I'll post pictures soon)

Michele and her husband and son came and tried to buy me dinner..I ended up just getting a cup of tea..(which i didn't even get a chance to drink)...Thanks anyway Michele and family.

I was running around so much talking to people( I know I m supposed to be on vocal rest)...and doing short interview live on the radio through the night...and I sung with the awesome band they had there called the Rollex Band. The female lead singer,Baretta..was so full of energy,and the the male lead singer Keith was so cool.

I really enjoyed them so much. I was supposed to sing some songs from the album in between their breaks,but after they finished their first set and there was so much high energy in the place..there was no way on earth I was going to sing to some tracks. So I asked them if I could come and hang with them during the next set and they called me up on almost every song...Miss Baretta says she turning 51 next week..but she has a whole lot more energy than I do!

She inspired me so many ways last night..she has a wonderful stage presence. When she took a break I told the audience that she was my new teacher.

LoLo,the Quiet Storm radio personality who gave me this party has reallyy supported me over the years,doing her best to help get me out there even when the station wasn't able to play my music.

She's like one of the old school DJ's who would just play what they liked...any way,Thank Lolo..I felt like it was my birthday party..I was really spoiled last night.

I got an idea.. i'm going to ask Shanachie if they would be interested in holding Sweet Classsic Soul listening parties all of the states..maybe 6 major cities...

Well I want to take Jazzy out somewhere fun,so i'll talk to you all later....




Thursday, March 2, 2006

maysa's object of desire...

Hey y'all..I'm feeling a certain gentleman alot lately..I hope I can tell you something good about him one day...

Let's see what happens...

;) Maysa