Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hey Famz...
The shows in London and Paris went really well..two guys almost started fighting in paris in the front row,but Bluey made them stop. But the audience was off the hook! So much energy.I haven't done a show in Paris in 12 years or more so it was great comng back..

We are in some part of Alps somewhere..we spent 8 hours yesterday at Charles De Gualle airport waiting for an engineer to come fix the tour bus.The heating was broken...I'll be back later..gone take a snooze...

Monday, November 14, 2005

In London


Just feeling weird sitting in this hotel in London.

I love it here,but i always get this deeply lonely feeling.

I guess I just miss my family.I miss my Jazzie.

It's hard being on the road and away from him.

I'm gonna take him with me during the summer.

Wish I could afford to have him tutored on the road,but he needs the experience and stability of going to a real school,plus thank God he has his grandma.

I am so grateful to God for sending me Laura Leak.Y'all don't know how much I love my mommy.

She is the most beautiful most awesome, strongest ,most loving, human being on earth.

I'm a lucky woman.I hope Jazzie,and any future babies I have feel the same way about me.

It's 6:34 am..I'm going back to sleep and dream about my husband who doesnt exist yet but will one day..hahahaha.


Friday, November 11, 2005

Maysa's Mackin' Record..

Hey y'all,

Me and my (newest) producer Chris "BIG DOG" Davis,just left the studio tonight smiling brightly!! We are done! Well I am anyway,he still has some work to do.

I am so excited about this record I want to tell you all about it but it's too soon!

It will be released some time in are going to love it,I just KNOW it!

Thanks to Danny Weiss at Shanachie,Chris,Wayne Bruce of Spur of the Moment..who by the way have a killer record coming out soon too),Angela Phillips,Lori and Vanessa Williams and Issac___) sang their asses off on this record! Thank you all so much...and all of the other musicians,the engineers at Night Flight Studios in Fort Washington, Maryland, my attorney Evan Krauss,my manager Berenice,and 2 of my best friends Troy Burton,and Mike White,who all helped me get through these 7 days of recordings with a bad throat..the encouragement helped alot...To my mommy and my son...LOLOLOL...

Dag, I sound like I'm giving an acceptance speech..FORESIGHT BABY!!

2006 is brighter than a mother shut yo mouth!!

I'mma tell you one thing..when my "husband' hears this record..he is coming to rescue me do you hear me!!

I have 4 nights at Blues Alley lined up for January 19-22 and I swear I wish I could do a single males only show! Just one show dedicated to some sweet single men out there...huh?? there's only 3 left?? Aww damn! HAHAHAHA..

Seriously,this is my mackin' record fo real!!

Actually Im going to dedicate it to all of my sistas out there who want to pull some brothas...this record,a sexy nightie,and CHOCOLATE, strawberries,whipped cream,baby oil..oops!

PG ,Maysa,PG..

Anyway y'all get me ,don't you ladies!!!!

Yeah boy,the brothas wont be able to resist...

Blues Alley will be off the hinges I promise..Adults Only!!

See ya!!


Tuesday, November 8, 2005

GERMANY PICTURES..not one picture of Germany!LMAO..

Hey y'all..

here are some pictures from Germany..they made a looked wonderful,but my voice is still screwed a little..everyone else sounded great.

I'm a little sad today,but i'll get over it..I'm gonna treat Jazzie to a really nice swing set (he knows its an early birthday gift).I'm thinking about one of those companies that come out and build it in your yard so it's really sturdy.

I'm still in paper work hell,and i have jet lag,and I have to go into the studio to make sure my cd is sounding as good as I can get it,with my throat in bad condition.

Just stressed a little..

I love you..


Tuesday, November 1, 2005

my self portrait....

Hey y'all..doing absolutely nothing.

Got alot of paperwork to do..don't want to.

Gotta pack for this weekend in Germany.Don't feel like it.

I took that picture myself last week in London.

If  your eyes are the windows to your soul...

what the heck is my soul thinking?..feeling...wanting..needing....?


A Real Nigga Show makes it's touring debut tonight at Wilberforce University in Ohio...

I know it's going great....

Can't wait until you hear the new CD....:)